Cleveland Browns 2019-2020 Season Preview


Anthony Presnar, Staff Writer

The Cleveland Browns who have been struggling ever since their 2002 Playoff Run Season, believe that they are going to have a great season this year. It all started after their 2018 #1 Draft Pick Baker Mayfield. After his first season, the Browns made a couple of big trades to build around Baker Mayfield their franchise QB. During the 2019 NFL Offseason, the Browns first signed runningback Kareem Hunt in February the 11th and acquired Odell Beckham Jr March on the 13th of March..

The trade for Odel caused the Browns to give up their Star Offensive Lineman Kevin Zeitler, Strong Safety Jabrill Peppers, and a first and third-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. They also received Middle Linebacker Oliver Vernon in the Odell trade. The Browns also have Myles Garrett from when they drafted him in 2017. The Browns, just by judging  by the addition of these  superstars look like they can definitely be playoff material. The only problem  will they have good chemistrythroughout the season . Odel Beckham is coming from the Giants who haven’t made it to the playoffs, which frustrated Odel and caused “locker room problems for them”.  Kareem Hunt will return to the field on week 8, from a suspension from when he was involved in a domestic violence situation.  Therefore, we shall see how  the chemistry of the team will unfold  this season when all their players return to the field.

I personally believe that they will have an average season this year, but will miss the playoffs. I’m predicting that the Browns will go 6-10 this year and the Ravens will be making another playoff run by winning the division. The Browns will lose their first  and win their second game against the Steelers. Many experts contaend that the Browns are one of the best teams in the AFC. I would have to disagree because of team dynamics and the personality of their superstars.. The new stars may have disagreement regarding playing time and this may lead to conflict   The team will have moments of greatness but may have not enough experience to win the division.  I would not be surprised if the two superstars  that they picked up  this year may still face adversity both on and off the field. This is not biased by any means just a prediction on the Cleveland Browns 2019-2020 season.