Sam Cwynar Eye of the Hurricane Senior Editor

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Sam Cwynar Eye of the Hurricane Senior Editor

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I recently had the opportunity to interview Sam Cwynar- Senior  Editor of the Eye of the Hurricane.   I hope you enjoy this article about our state of the art digital newspaper-  Anthony Eckenroad

Question: What gave you the idea to join the journalism class with Mr.Abe?
Answer: I got the idea from being in English class with Abe during my freshman year.

Question: What year did you join journalism?
Answer: I joined my 10th-grade year.

Question: What are some of your goals this year in the journalism class?
Answer: My goals for journalism this year is to review over 250articles as well as produce shirts from our marketing team.

Question: Do you like being a senior editor?
Answer: Absolutely, I love the responsibility.

Question: Will the journalism class have any shirts or anything for sale this year?
Answer: Yes, later this year around January.

Question: Opinions on journalism and everyone in the class?
Answer: I think everyone in journalism is very well behaved and gets stuff done on time.

Question: Has Mr.Abe inspired you?
Answer: 100%.

Question: What do you plan on doing after you graduate this year?
Answer: I plan on going to Disneyland with my family.

Question: Do you plan on going to college after high school?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What do you happen to do in your free time?
Answer: I edit videos for my youtube channel THMD electric, watch films and baseball.

Question: What do you plan on going to college for?
Answer: I plan on going to SRU to be an English teacher.

Question: Do you have any siblings?
Answer: Yes, Lil Creap.