Mid Season Update Zay Boice Spring Preview!!!

Mid Season Update Zay Boice Spring Preview!!!

Hailey Gonzales, Feature Writer

I had the opportunity to interview Isiah in December of 2019 about the beginning of his Red Hurricane journey. After interviewing him, I had realized that Isiah was just starting his journey as a Red Hurricane and I felt that people may be interested to see his development. So, I decided to interview “Zay” in the middle of the season and at the end of the season to see his growth as a person and basketball player. In this article, I interviewed Isiah for a mid-season update.


Question: Who inspired you to play basketball? 

Isiah: Kyrie 

Question: Who are you closest to on the team? 

Isiah: Sheldon

Question: Why do you play basketball?

Isiah: It’s fun and something else to do

Question: What do you hope to do in the future? 

Isiah: Go to a great college, play sports, and go to NBA

Question: Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

Isiah: Kyrie Irving, He’s a fun player and does a lot of good things.

Question: What is your favorite NBA team? 

Isiah: I don’t have one

Question: What do you hope for this basketball season?

Isiah: To Win a ring and make it to states

Question: What is your favorite pregame snack?

Isiah: Skittles

Question: What is your biggest strength on the court?

Isiah: Shooting

Question: What is your biggest weakness on the court?

Isiah: Rebounding 

Question: How has playing with Ralph Blundo changed your life?

Isiah: He’s inspired me and he’s a great person to be around and a great coach

Question: How many hours a day are you playing basketball?

Isiah: 4 hours 

Question: Biggest Strength in Life?

Isiah: My personality

Question: Biggest Weakness in Life?

Isiah: Remembering things.

Question: In multiple games, you have seemed to be wide open but did a layup, not a dunk when you have dunked in practice, is there any reason why or is it an in the moment instinct?

Isiah: I don’t think I’m ready for an in-game dunk yet.

Question: Did it take a lot of practice to be at the three-point ability you are at now or have threes always been your strongest ability?

Isiah: Growing up I always took mid-range shots but growing up I slowly progressed to shooting a lot of threes

Question: Do you have a favorite pregame warmup u do right before a game on the court and if so which one?

Isiah: When we just shoot around right before the game.

Question: Last interview I asked which player are you closest to, now I ask, is there a player who it’s easier to play with than the rest?

Isiah: It’s easier to play with Jonathan Anderson, we have played together all our lives so when he gets in we just have chemistry on the court.

Question: Do you have a dream college you would like to attend?

Isiah: Yes, I would like to go to Duke.

Question: Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Isiah: To become a better person and to become a person who can inspire others.

Question: Last interview I asked you what your favorite restaurant is and you replied El Canelo. Is is still El Canelo?

Isiah: Yeah, Definitely.


Come back at the end of the season to see the final interview of the year. GO CANES!