How to Prevent Quarantine Boredom


Camri Cochran, Senior Editor

Bored on quarantine? Don’t worry! Here are some activities you can do to pass the time. Many teenagers prefer to binge-watch a TV show, doing that can consume many boring hours of being stuck in your house and could make the time pass faster. If you are tired of watching TV, there are lots of movies you could binge instead. Whether they are stand-alone or a part of a series, movies have a different feel than TV shows and can be a refreshing change. If you ever get tired of staring at a screen, I suggest reading a book. Books can be an outlet for creativity and can inspire you to be productive while homebound. In fact, reading is one of the best activities in my opinion. Unlike television, you can control how long it takes to get through a book. You can dive in and read an entire novel in one sitting, or you can spread it out to cover a long portion of quarantine. But books and screens aren’t the only things you can be putting your time into during this crisis! You can draw, paint, put together a puzzle, or do anything that you can put your imagination to. Quarantine may be boring at times, but keep these options in mind the next time you need something to do!