The World of Pain and Misery: Pirates end 2020 season as the worst team in the MLB.


Brady Cwynar, Sports Editor

After many fans were worried a 2020 MLB season would not happen due to COVID-19, the season did occur and now sadly it’s over. The Pittsburgh Pirates took in Derek Shelton after the 2019 season when the Pirates made the sad decision to let go of their former manager, Clint Hurdle. With many Pirates fans appreciating the hard work and effort Hurdle put into the team, Derek Shelton was faced with the task of impressing the Pirates fans who hope the team can see the playoff picture. Despite the Pirate’s amazing start to the 2019 season under Hurdle, the fans seeking the same from the team this year did not receive it. The Pirates finished the 60-game season 19-41 (5th in NL Central, Worst record in MLB). Many things from run support and bullpen support raise eyebrows to just how bad the team is heading if they don’t make any beneficial postseason moves. The Pirates pitching staff had a total ERA of 4.68 and .220 total team batting average. If the Pittsburgh Pirates do not get their act together, it could be 5 years to a decade before the team even lands a win-loss record of .500. 

Changes I would make:

SPEND MONEY! – Myself and many of the organization’s fans question why the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bob Nutting, won’t dig deeper into the pot of gold. Fans of the Pirates know just how greedy Nutting is with his cash. Nutting is keeping the team’s payroll to the second to lowest payroll in the whole MLB. Sadly, if money is not spent, winning games and fan enthusiasm will be nonexistent.

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP – Since the 60-game 2020 MLB season has now concluded, the 19-41 Pirates team lead by Derek Shelton needs to buy time to reflect. When Clint Hurdle joined the Pirates in 2010 as their manager, it took them a few seasons before they ran on a 3 year run of going multiple games above .500. The more Shelton gets close with the players and reflects on the mistakes the team made, there could be hope.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – The only way anyone can better themselves is to just keep practicing. Both hitting and pitching need work, and they need it BADLY. The team needs to focus on optimizing the roster they have. You don’t need to be Superman or King Kong to dominate in the MLB. Anyone on the Pirates could be the next Mike Trout if they put the same amount of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears as Trout and all the big-name players did.

HAVE HOPE – Don’t forget about all the young talent seen and unseen. Pirates fans have already been introduced to Ke’Bryan Hayes, who batted .376 in 85 at-bats in the 2020 season. Now O’Neil Cruz and the rest of the Pirates prospects along with whomever the Pirates select as the first-round pick in the draft are talents the fans haven’t seen play on that MLB field yet. Also, don’t forget about Philip Evans who had a short 2020 season, but a good one after only getting 39 looks and batting .359.


After a rocky 2020, I will come back to you in 2021 for my 2021 Pittsburgh Pirates predictions LETS GO BUCS!