A Virus Outlook on the Holiday Season


Hailey Gonzales, Feature Writer

          The coronavirus has affected our everyday lives in so many ways these past months and has now begun affecting our holiday traditions. I for one am someone who believes that the holidays are meant for being with the ones you love. Every year, I would gather with one side of my family in the morning and one at night to exchange gifts, spend time together, and feast. However, the coronavirus is making that extremely hard to do. But, I personally believe that it has given me a better understanding of the holiday season. After taking a step back and looking at my past holidays, I realize that I didn’t appreciate the small things during the holidays enough. Even things as simple as being with my grandparents is seeming so amazing right now. That is probably the only positive for me personally coming out of this virus. I have learned to never under-appreciate anything ever again. Although it is very sad not being with all of my family this holiday season, I do believe that we should all be smart and safe so that this all blows over soon enough. Video chats are sadly but truly the best way to go this time around. With that being said, I wish everyone reading happy holidays and make sure to appreciate your family a little extra this holiday season.