Reflecting on the 2020 Election


Dominic Cade, Sophomore Reporter

The 2020 Election was one that many felt would decide the future of this country. The election came down to the two primary party candidates, President Donald Trump (R) and Vice-President  Joe Biden (D). A record-breaking turnout of voters determined the election results, including an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots received. The election results took several days to determine, due to the high volume of mail-in ballots.

COVID-19 and the global pandemic created a very unique election this year.  Campaigning was approached differently by the two candidates which created much debate within itself.  Joe Biden chose to speak to smaller groups, with masks, and virtual speaking.  President Trump took his campaign to large, in person rallies held across the country. The presidential debates were attended by small, socially distanced crowds which created a safe, controlled environment. 

 After the votes concluded, the American majority decided that Vice President Biden was the winner. Although contested by President Trump, who never actually conceded,  President-elect Biden will take office on January 20, 2021.  The election results aside, the country remains deeply divided.  President-elect Biden vows he will be a president for all people, and directly address the pandemic. It has been an election that everyone will remember forever. Only the future will tell what is to come for we all hope this pandemic ends soon, and life will go back to normal.