Olympic Games Beijing 2022 Update


Dominic Cade, Author

The 2022 Winter Olympic Games taking place in Bejing have already stunned the world. Instead of the typical cauldron lighting that has been seen over the past games, the torch for the 2022 games was placed at the center of a snowflake made of placards used to introduce the athletes. The honorable task was fulfilled on February 4 by two Chinese athletes, Zhao Jiawen and Dinigeer Yilamujiang, and from there the games began.

The games contain 15 sports categories and 109 different events including curling, figure skating, and skiing! After 17 days in the Olympic games, the United States has accumulated a total of 25 medals, 8 of them being gold from phenomenal performances from its athletes. Some of these athletes include Chloe Kim from the women’s halfpipe, Nathan Chen from the men’s figure skating section of the competition, and the United States mixed ariels trio.

Another duo that took gold in the Olympic games includes Lindsey Jacobellis and 40-year-old Nick Baumgartner, the oldest snowboarder in Olympic history to win a medal. At 36 years old, Lindsey Jacobellis is right behind him as the second oldest.

Overall, in Olympic medal rankings, Norway sits at the top with thirty-seven total medals, sixteen of them being gold. Germany ranks right behind them with twelve gold medals and twenty-seven total. Then comes China in third place overall with nine total gold medals.

With an estimated 11.4 million viewers around the world watching from home, everyone hopes that their country will pull through. Only time will tell as the final Olympic games come to a close.

Hopefully, you enjoyed watching all the different sports during this Winter Olympic Games! Let us know in the comments what your favorite event was overall.