Tom Brady’s New Beginning Already on Hold


Anthony Presnar, Senior Author

Why is Tom Brady Coming Back?

After “calling it quits” a month ago quarterback Tom Brady came out of retirement on March 13th. The 44 year old has already accomplished so much in his career from winning 7 Super Bowls, to leading the NFL in all-time passing records in the league, what else can he accomplish from coming back to the league? There really aren’t many records left for him to break. We can all guess that he is returning because he wants another Super Bowl or he wants to end his legacy with his final season with a Super Bowl win.

Where Will Tom Brady Play?

Brady played for the Tampa Buccaneers in his final seasons in the NFL, but after retiring, he wants to pick off right where he left off and try to win another Super Bowl for the Buccaneers. With Brady leaving drastically, the Buccaneers went from Super Bowl favorites to the bottom of the league. With that being said that really just shows you how important he is to that team and without him they may not even be in playoff contention. With him coming back that immediately puts them back into Super Bowl contention because that’s the kind of impact Tom Brady brings to any organization.

Was this a safe move for Tom Brady?

With really no other records for him to break, the question that still comes to mind is, “why is Brady coming out of retirement?” That question can only be answered by Tom Brady himself, but what we can guess is, he’s choosing to do this for his team. As a leader he probably is thinking he can not just leave his teammates out to dry. However, lets just hope him coming back, does not cause him any severe injury because he is 44 years old and has a higher chance of injury risk due to his age.

We shall see what this year’s NFL season brings!