Best Foods for Summer Fun!


Jaden Kirkwood, Author

Summer is right around the corner Canes! With summer, comes all types of great foods!! Let us know your favorite foods for the summer!

Peach Cobbler

This recipe is perfect for family events during the summer. Hot water is key and helps to make a crisp crust while also being a nice baked crackly crust. It doesn’t just have to be a peach cobbler as many different fruits can be used in this process, an example would be plums.

Butterflied Chicken with herbs and cracked olives

A beautiful and tasty dinner after a long summer day, this chicken is evenly cooked with nice crispy skin and a simple lemony salad of torn olives for a perfect amount of zest.

Tahini-Walnut Magic Shell

This crunchy shell combines tahini and white chocolate for a perfect twist on a classic ice cream topping.

Country boil with shrimp, corn, and sausage

This is a must-have at least once during the summer. It is without a doubt a delicious dinner and is best with many different spices tossed in with the food

Caprese Salad

This refreshing salad is perfect after a nice trip to the farmer’s market. Everyone’s had that car trip where you just had to stop by and buy the tomatoes you see that are piled up in baskets. This dish is perfect for that moment.

Ice Tea

On those hot summer days, what better than this refreshing and clear beverage to cool you down

Brownie ice cream sandwich

This ice cream sandwich spin-off is a great innovation with a fantastic new use for a brownie and ice cream combination

These are just a few options of many to give you a great summer experience. Hopefully, they help. Have a great summer Canes!!