Texting and Driving

Juleeann Viggiano, Feature Writer

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In this generation, technology is growing rapidly. Although, technology is very helpful to our society it is also very dangerous. The first mobile device was created in 1973, this cell phone was very big and you could only call other people on it.  However, the first touch screen cell phone was released in 1992 which changed the world forever. Since the first cell phone came out many people have made various different updates on it. There are now video chats, music apps, Text messaging, Social media apps, and etc., Having these applications on your cell phone can be very life changing in some ways.

Today, teenagers do not always see their actions having an effect on other people or society. You see commercials on television telling you how dangerous texting and driving can be but they still do it. These young teenagers did not learn this action by themselves, many adult’s text and drive as much as teenagers. Most teenagers learn their actions, from their guardian or friends. It is a dangerous thing to do but it’s also illegal but the consequences aren’t that strict, you can receive a fine of $50.

Texting and driving is now a greater hazard for teenagers now, even more than drinking and driving. This could be an issue because it is much easier to get a cell phone than alcohol, neither of these things is safe to do while driving.

Today we need to push for our towns to make laws, even worldwide laws, to create a society where texting and driving accidents are not that common. Texting and driving should become a law, that is strictly enforced. So many young adults and adults lose their life and risk other peoples lives because they are concerned about what is being said on a social media account or a single text message.

On the Bottaro Law Firm website, they did a survey on teenage drivers. 86% of the teenagers have driven while distracted, knowing it was wrong to do so. 22% of them said that texting while driving made driving less fun. 34% of teenagers believe they are really good at multitasking. They averaged about 23 texts per month among all of the teenagers, even though that is a low number if you combine what other teenage drivers answers to these ones, it’ll then increase.


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