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HAMILTON: Alexis’ Poetry Corner

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HAMILTON: Alexis’ Poetry Corner

Alexis Lovett, Entertainment Writer

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Hamilton. 25. January. 

On January 25th, 2019, The New Castle Senior High choir and guitar students headed off to Pittsburgh at 7:45 am to see Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This Broadway show, which usually costs $600 to view, only urged these students to pay $20 for bus transportation and the show itself, thanks to the EduHam Corporation. 

Before they could get tickets for the show, each student had to write/create an entertaining way to inform their fellow classmates about the Founding Era. The following poetic skit was written by Alexis Lovett, Kaiden Mackey, and Moira Kingsburg.

The Eyes of History

Alexander- I have gone from rags to riches, yet I still feel as if I have a looming emptiness within my political shell of strength. Then I see, two birds of passionate beauty and I, a single stone. Though it isn’t possible to do so, I hit both. Seemingly it was glorious, but no. For one leaves me to burn away, as the other proceeds to do the same and I ask myself, “Is this it?” No.

Angelica- Eliza..-

Alexander- Eliza, you’ll stay with me even so I found marbles of eyes in another.

Angelica- My precious Eliza, I´d twist myself inside out for you

Sacrificing eyes I adored

For you.

You have done enough… you have done-


Eliza- He was shot?

Angelica- He’s not going to make it.

Angelica and Eliza- Alexander… we watch you for we are by your side, when you go, even if we have cried, your eyes live on.

Eliza- Angelica? No.. Please…I can’t lose one more, stay next to me, you lay lifeless.

Eliza- One More Loss.

I don’t know how much more I can take

Looking back on all of my achievements

this feeling I can’t shake

I miss you

Alexander and Angelica you are my heart

so many things I haven’t done

Have I done enough?


Charitable acts

Along with my precious orphanage

My hair grows gray, but I have time

   With tonight I recover Alexanders courage


With tonight I will tell your story

My dear Alexander, I am seeing you now

Are you well with my beloved Angelica?

I may vanish but they will tell your story.


Angelica, Alexander, Eliza- we lay together for once more,

We cannot move,

Through the final door

We now rest.

Alexander- She told my story.

Angelica- Here forever.

Eliza- I finally get to see you again.

All- In Trinity Church, I see you again.

Alexander and Angelica walk off.

Eliza- I have done enough!

Eliza follows quickly after.


Our piece was not chosen to be performed at the theatre. It’s creation was very stressful, but fun to work on. I am so glad that we worked on something like this because we really did learn more about the Founding Era and as well as thoughts and feelings of how others were back then. We also love the story we told and how it got told, and hopefully we remember the positive outcomes of working on this project all together.


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