Logan Gibson Weight Lifting Interview!


Eddie Lutton, Sports Writer

Logan  Gibson is a 10th grader at New Castle Senior High School. He plays football and baseball, but he also has a passion for weight lifting.

How old were you when you first started lifting?

I was in the 4th grade when I first started lifting.

Who inspired you to weight lift?

My pops inspired me because of all the trophies he has won.

Who showed you how to lift?

My dad and his buddies who always lift with him took me in when I was young.

Do you participate in any weight lifting competitions?

Yes, I was in the 20th annual Pittsburgh Monster Bench at the Pittsburg airport with my dad and his buddies who lift with us. It was a great time and I took first in my weight class and age groups for bench and deadlift.

What is your workout routine?

It changes all the time due to sports and being a teenager but I usually do chest on Monday, legs on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday a break on Thursday and Friday, lower back on Saturday, and rest day on Sunday.

What workout day is the most fun for you?

Definitely, Saturday when I do lower back because I wake up at 8:30AM and lift with some of the strongest guys in western Pennsylvania including Chris Carson who benches 800 pounds!

Do you consume anything before or after lifting?

I make myself a drink with amino acids and Creatine HCL in it during my workout, but mainly I stick to drinking lots and lots of water.