Eye of the Hurricane

Juleeann Viggiano
This is my third year in journalism. Journalism has taught me a lot of information. It taught me to look more into things such as news information. There’s a lot of fake news out there. It’s easy for someone to take the first link they see on the internet and write based off that information. It can all be false information. However, i check out multiple sources and a few articles I’ve written about, I’ve tested them. Journalism is more than just an extracurricular, it’s a hobby. You are able to express yourself and interests without feeling any judgement. My high school teachers have had a great impact on my writing, each year i’m growing as writing. Thanks to Mr. Abe, Mr. Lubin, Mrs. Hoggsett, and Mrs. Zoltani.

Juleeann Viggiano, Senior Editor/Features

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Juleeann Viggiano