Meet Last Year’s Only Starting Freshman – Dante Micaletti


I had an opportunity to speak to Dante Micaletti a New Castle sophomore baseball player, who was the only starting freshman on the varsity baseball team. -Juliana Evans,

1 How are you preparing for the upcoming season?

  • I have been working hard on the offseason. I have been lifting and working on hitting

2 How do you feel now that the seniors are gone?

  • It is obviously going to hurt us a little bit, but we have the players to be successful again.

3 What’s your opinion on the upcoming seniors?

  • Well, they are all a bit wild so.

4 What’s your opinion on your upcoming freshman?

  • The player that stands out the most, in my opinion, is Ant Miller.

5 Do you think you will keep your spot on the field?

  • Maybe

6 Do you think the team will go nearly as far in the state as last year?

  • I hope we can make it further.

7  What senior last year did you look up to the most?

  • I looked up to and hung out with Vince Soukovich the most.

8 Which one of your coaches do you admire the most?

  • I look up to them all in different ways.

9 Which freshman in your opinion has the most potential?

  • Nick Rogers the upcoming catcher.

10 Do you have any superstitions or pregame rituals?

  • I do not really have superstitions. I like to listen to music before every game to get in the zone.

11 What do you love most about the season?

  • I really like team bonding and seeing my friends every day.

12 How excited are you for this season?

  • I am very excited about the upcoming season. I think we can have a good one.