Interview with Aaaron Adamo “Team One Dream”


Collin Shropshire, Sports Writer

I was recently given the opportunity to interview four year Senior Cross Country runner Aaron Adamo. I hope you enjoy this interview-Colin

Question: What are your expectations from this years team?

Arron: Anything can happen with a team this good but the goal is a wpial championship and a far run in the state playoffs.

Question: What does it take to be top 7 on such a talented team.

Aaron: Dedication, hard work, and a commitment to your team.

Question: How do you prepare before a race.

Aaron: I make sure I’m hydrated, I stretched well, and warmed up before the race.

Question: What is your favorite pre race and post race meal.

Aaron: My favorite meal pre race is sauce and post race Chipoltle.

Question: Do you think the amount you sleep the night before a race effects your running.

Aaron: Yes with out sleep I would not be able to meet my personal standards.

Question: How important is it to keep your head up after tough loss in the state playoffs last year.

Aaron:Its very important if we kept reminiscing about last year we would not be able to accomplish anything this year.

Question: Do you believe New Castle is the best 2a team in the wpial.

Aaron: Yes we our projected third in the states, first in the wpial, and work way harder than everyone.

Question: How do you celebrate after a big win.

Aaron: We usually have a small party so the team can bond.