New Castle Golf Team: Jake Wagner


Jake Wagner is a junior at New Castle Senior High School. Jake is a third-year varsity golfer for the canes and currently is rated number one on the team..  Fortunately, I had the chance to sit down with him and ask a few questions about golf.


Question: When did you start golfing?
Jake: ” When I was younger I went to golf lessons, but did not really use them until I was twelve”.

Question: Is golf your favorite sport?
Jake: “Honestly, I prefer track and field over golf”.

Question: Do your parents golf?
Jake: “They like to play, but rarely get the chance to”.

Question: What kind of golf clubs do you use?
Jake: “My driver is a Bridgestone JGR, I own it because my exquisite coach David Beavon had it for me when I completely shattered my old one”.

Question: What do you think of your coach David Beavon?
Jake: “I think and I know that my coach David Beavon is not only a great coach, but he is a tremendous individual who puts his team first”.

Question: What’s your routine before a golf match?
Jake: “It depends on how much time we have and how I am feeling, but if I have ample time and feel wonderous I will practice my chips and putts”

Question: What pro golfer do you look up to?
Jake: “Tiger Woods, not only do I resemble him in looks but also in our style of play”.

Question: What motivates you to play golf?
Jake: “In all honesty, seeing the glowing look on coach Dave’s face when I make a nice shot just warms my heart”.

Question: If you had the chance to go pro for golf, would you?
Jake: “Yes, you would be idiotic not to if you remotely like golf because live your normal life making millions”.

Question: Last but not least, do you think your the best athlete to come out of New Castle?
Jake: “In my mind, I believe I could become successful professionally in athletics like the great Malik Hooker.”