Cheerleading at NE-CA-HI

Cheerleading at NE-CA-HI

Chelsea Off, Extracurricular Writer

I recently had the opportunity to interview senior varsity cheerleader, Kennedy Gabriel.-Chelsea 


Question: Why did you try out for cheer leading?

Kennedy: It seemed like a fun extra curricular activity that I would be able to do throughout my high school career.

Question: What are cheer practices like?

Kennedy: We practice throughout the year. We tumble, stunt, practice the pregame routine, and learn the cheers and band dances.

Question: What are the requirements to make the cheer team?

Kennedy: You need a standing backhand spring to make the varsity squad.

Question: What is your favorite part of cheer?

Kennedy: Cheering under the Friday night lights.

Question: Do you like cheering for basketball or football better? Why?

Kennedy: Football season. I like it better because it is exciting to have the band, flag line, cheerleaders, and candy canes all together preforming and having fun.

Question: What do you do before a game that you’ll be cheering at?

Kennedy: I make sure I eat and stay hydrated.

Question: Do you like away games?

Kennedy: Yes, the bus rides are long but my team and I create a lot of lifelong memories.

Question: What do you do differently at basketball games than football games?

Kennedy: We have a different set of cheers, we cheer under the hoop before the game starts, and we tumble at half time and in between quarters.

Question: How long have you been cheering for?

Kennedy: I cheered for 2 years on junior high, 1 year on JV, and 2 years on varsity.

Question: What is your favorite part of basketball season?

Kennedy: When the student section and fans chant along with the cheerleaders due to excitement.

Question: Are the cheerleaders in parades?

Kennedy: Yes, we are in the Light Up night parade and the Veteran’s day parade.

Question: What are you expecting for the season?

Kennedy: Lots of hard work, laughs, and memories to enjoy my senior year of cheer.