Alexis’ Poetry Corner Returns for the 2019-2020 School Year

Alexis' Poetry Corner Returns for the 2019-2020 School Year

Every year, we learn about poetry in our English classes. Usually, students will sigh or groan as they do not like the idea of poetry. This is because the way English classes sometimes explain this part as literature as a bore as well. Poetry is a lost art, you wouldn’t find many reading poetry to anyone nor themselves. Although poetry still remains in our everyday lives, music is the prime example. In my English class, we had to write a lyric poem which is often found in music and musical numbers.

by: Alexis Lovett

The heat will surround my ears again

never figured the sound of my own name would remain distasteful 

eyes were always scary, but voices are scarier. They are hidden in

layers of white, unable to lose their flare of ungrateful 

fingers of mine will dance,

dance on my rough skin

the voices will get louder, at every chance 

they’ll claim they know where you’ve been.

Say it once, but it’ll echo 

say it twice like the repeated chomping of old gum


Sour voices will echo with triumph 

always mixes with forever

voices echo with absent matter

mine will try as well

But still, it’ll blend with constant clutter. 


Any interpretation for that poem I wrote would be acceptable when you read such a piece, there’s always meaning. Your meaning or mine, there’s always a meaning. I wrote this with the thought of social anxiety, the fear of people, eyes, and their voices. Not only do I deal with it, but many people I know. Along the line, there was a time where we chose to shut ourselves out into silence so then it’s scary being around others. It’s not like we mean to, but something about other people makes us paranoid perhaps, or maybe it’s just me. When something is said, it’ll echo in your head. My name echos in my head when somebody else says it, it is uncontrollable. The meaning of your poetry will not be like mine, it may be similar, but never my own thought. You could find many cases of poetry like mine in music you listen to, even the less meaningful music carry a poem. Instrumentals always have a rhythm to go with words, but sometimes people choose not to add words to a masterpiece. Every word is a hidden masterpiece, that’s why poetry is an art. That’s all I have for this section, thank you for reading and please consider writing a poem or even reading one for a better understanding of the beauty of words.