Tips for being a Successful Freshman


Alyssa McCune, Extracirricular Writer

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Most often, students tend to struggle with their freshman year. The students aren’t used to high school and the struggles that come with it. They’re getting lost in the halls, around all new and older students, and stressed because of their new surroundings. None of the students know where any classes are located. They’re put in a whole new surrounding which makes them nervous, apprehensive and unprepared. These freshmen have new, important responsibilities that they need to be prepared for. Most students don’t know how to be prepared for school or succeed in school. I’m here to give freshman some tips on how to be successful during this important, transitional year.

To begin, you need to prioritize your grades and being on time to class. If your main priority is your grades, then chances are you’ll be successful. Making sure your grades are good is one of the most important parts of high school. If your failing classes, you can’t be a successful student. Your grades have a big impact on your future. The grades that you get your freshman year could impact what college you go to or what job hires you. Those grades can decide where your future takes you. Being late to class could also affect a lot in your academics. By being late to class, it could make you miss a lot of important lessons and reviews. Some freshman even like to skip their classes. Skipping class could get you in trouble with the school and maybe even in trouble with your family at home. Both skipping and being late could also be another factor that lowers your grades. What students need to do is pay attention to where their classes are located and make sure they have enough time to get from one class to another. The consequences for being late to class and skipping could include detention or even suspension.

Next, you need to manage your time wisely. Managing your time helps you be more organized. Once you set a routine for everything you need to do, you will stay organized and stress-free. Students have to make time to study, do homework and have some free time too. If you don’t manage your time, you will become disorganized and stressed. Students who don’t manage their time become stressed with homework piling up, and never having time to study or do what they like to do in their free time. Being stressed because of disorganization can cause a lot of frustration to build up and your grades will start to slowly decrease. At the end of the school day, make certain that all your daily assignments are completed and all of the assignments you did not complete are in your bookbag. If you don’t bring home and finish assignments, for there is one certainty:  you will have additional assignments the next day and every day thereafter. Everything you do or do not do in high school can affect so much of your life.

Last, all students need to study. Studying will affect your grades dramatically. Studying can also help you understand the material you are learning. Most students think that studying is a waste of time and won’t help you pass a test. Even, studying for even five minutes could help your grade significantly. If you normally don’t study because the class is “too easy”, you need to start studying because high school classes get harder and harder each year. Studying can be stressful but, it is extremely helpful. When students take time out of their day to study, they become more prepared for anything their teachers may throw at them. If students fail the Keystones, the school will recommend tutoring to better your score for the upcoming test. Tutoring, a form of study, is a great resource that helps you better understand what you are learning.  Studying can and will make your usual “C” grade go up to a high “B” or even an “A”.

To conclude, following these tips will help you be a successful freshman. All you need to do is prioritize your grades, be on time to class, manage your time wisely, and study. Although your senior year might count the most, your freshman year counts a lot and colleges will look at your progress starting with freshman year. Therefore, making sure you do well in your freshman year is big importance. All of these tips could make you extremely successful in the long run as long as you try to accomplish them and apply yourself to your schoolwork daily.