Interview with Junior Editor: “Izzy” Budai

Interview with Junior Editor:

I have recently been lucky enough to interview my dear friend Isabella Budai. I was able to ask her questions about Journalism and why she took the class and exactly how she became a Junior editor.

Q: Why did you choose to take Journalism?
A: “I took journalism because of 2 things. 1) Abe is my favorite teacher, and 2) writing is my favorite thing to do. I want to become a journalist when I’m older as well.”

Q: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you to take Journalism?
A: “Abe inspired me to take this class after I had him for English in 9th grade I knew I couldn’t go without having him my last years of high school.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about taking this class?
A: “I enjoy the way we work together and think about what articles we should write about next, also when we mess around and just have fun!”

Q: What is your favorite topic to write about?
A: “My favorite topic to write about is entertainment which then comes interviewing people which is my favorite thing.”

Q: What have you previously written about on Eye of the Hurricane?
A: “I have written in a total of 5 articles. I wrote four interviews, and one article on the MTV Music and Video Awards.”

Q: What type of writer are you?
A: “I am an Entertainment Editor.”

Q: If you could give advice to underclassman taking this class, what would you tell them?
A: “I would tell them to not take this class as a joke, focus and have some fun!”

Izzy Budai never fails to make experiences with her fun, cheerful attitude and never fails to make people laugh. We are so glad she is in journalism with us and makes such amazing articles day after day. Next time you see Izzy tell her she is the best junior editor of all time!