The Ne-Ca-Hi Bowling Team


The New Castle Bowling team may be considered the least popular sport and some don’t even consider it a sport. I am pleased to inform you many students have made bowling a very enjoyable endeavor. While many boys participate there are fewer girls on the team. All of the players are supportive of one another, which builds up the whole attitude of the team. Mr. Pitzer, the head coach of the team, takes individual time with each of the players to help improve every day. At the beginning of each season, the players have the opportunity to obtain sponsorships.
After that, they do a fundraiser including pepperoni rolls, ham cheese, etc. Practice takes place on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. Bowling uniforms are new every year including a team shirt with all of the sponsor’s names listed on the back. They go out to eat at decent restaurants after every game and converse with their teammates. In your final year, your average is counted and you get a bowling pin with your name on it. For the end of the year, they take individual pictures and group pictures in the uniform in front of the home bowling lanes. If you were to want to join the team, you can just go to Mr. Pitzer’s room and sign up. A considerably nice perk you get is your letter after two years and get a Letterman jacket. The New Castle Bowling Team is not as popular or respected as it should be. All of the players work hard at practice yet have fun while doing so. They celebrate their wins just like any other team. The Bowling team is an unrecognized sport but in the players’ eyes, it is very fun.