Rocco Robinson Senior Interview Fall Preview

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Rocco Robinson Senior Interview Fall Preview

Joshua Hoerner, Sports Writer

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I recently had the opportunity to interview senior Rocco Robinson.  Rocco plays defensive end, and offensive line for the football team.  I hope you enjoy this interview-Joshua


Q: Given you football prowess have you had any offers to play college football?

A: Lehigh, Army, and Old Dominion have all looked at me.

Q: Being a Senior, what are you going to miss most about high school?

A: Definitely the sports, the environment, and overall everything at New Castle.

Q: Being here for four years, who’s been your favorite teacher?

A: Mr.Mantinaos

Q: Who’s influenced you most through this journey?

A: My parents have had a huge impact, and my teammates always have my back.

Q: Any ideas on future profession?

A: Physical therapy, and exercise science.

Q: Do you expect to stay here after college education?

A: I plan on leaving and moving south to enjoy the weather.

Q: What advice would you give some of the younger kids coming up?

A: Studies always come first, keep your nose out of trouble, take this serious because this is your future.  Hard work always pays off.