Interview with New Castle Golf Coach David Beavon


Jake Wagner, Sports Writer

I recently had the chance to interview Coach David Beavon. Coach Beavon is both aa teacher and golf coach at New Castle Junior Senior High School.

Question: Who has shown the most improvement on your team?

Coach Beavon: I think the whole team has improved this year. I am looking forward to more next year.

Question: What is your main goal for this season?

Coach Beavon: To accomplish our improvement goals. Team performance improvement with individual growth both on and off the course.

Question:What is your favorite memory from coaching thus far?

Coach Beavon:  No specific favorite memory. I enjoy each season and each team. Every one has ups and downs.

Question: Who is your favorite pro golfer?

Coach Beavon: Currently I would say Justin Thomas. He is a true professional on and off the course.

Question: How would you describe yourself?

Coach Beavon: I am a person who enjoys playing golf and would like to introduce the game and lifetime opportunities it provides to student athletes.

Question: How would you describe leadership?

Coach Beavon: Leadership is helping others accomplish their goals. We try to build chemistry through practice sessions, competition and eating together after matches.

Question: What win was the most satisfying?

Coach Beavon: I dont get satisfaction from wins or depression from losses. I get satisfaction from efforts, attitudes, and actions bothon and off the course.

Question: What equipment would you recommend for starting golfers?

Coach Beavon: The cheapest option they have that satisfy their needs. Equipment is an individual choice. Every one has different options and preferences. You have to use what is comfortable for you.

We wish Coach Beavon continued success in all his endeavors!!