The End of a Star Wide Receiver’s Career

Former Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown has had a few interesting weeks in the past offseason. During the 2018-2019 NFL season, Brown started to blame losses on Ben Roethlisberger causing a lot of problems. Everyone thought that Brown would have been their franchise player, although he proved he couldn’t after that season. He sat during the last few games of the Steelers season, but during the offseason, the Steelers traded Antonio to the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders who were trying to rebuild their team didn’t know that getting Antonio Brown would create problems for their rebuild year. Brown at first, during the offseason, didn’t show any signs of being a problem to the Raiders. He was interacting with the Raiders trainers and all the staff at the beginning of offseason, not to mention he was going to all the practices and was always in contact with Head Coach Jon Gruden. Steeler fans were shocked to see Brown going to team practices for the Raiders.

After Antonio missed two practices without telling the Raiders organization that he wasn’t going to show up; the team fined him $53,950.00 for skipping practice on September 4, 2019. Brown also made the news for not paying a bill from his personal chef. He refused to pay both the Raiders and the chef and didn’t’ receive any ramifications at the time. After he refused to pay the Raiders, they took his guaranteed 29 million away from him. Brown demanded to be released by the Raiders on September 7, 2019 and was signed by the New England Patriots on the same day. Bron’s new one year deal was worth up to $15 million, including a $9 million signing bonus. After his signing, it became very Brown may have not wanted to play for the Oakland Raiders after leaving the Steelers. Brown was very excited about signing with the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

Remember, Antonio threatened both the Raiders and Steelers that he would retire anytime if he didn’t get the trade he wanted. Both teams seem to have come to the conclusion that parting ways with him were indeed the best for all parties concerned. Despite everything that happened this year to Antonio, there may be future interest in Brown’s skill as the season progresses. Brown was able to play one game with the Patriots and caught one touchdown pass when the Patriots played the Dolphins. After that game, the Patriots released Brown from the team and Brown would have become a free agent, but the NFL would put him on the Commissioners exempt list if he signs with a team. This would happen because of Antonio being accused of an incident of both a serious inappropriate behavior and a civil complain from his former personal trainer. Recently, Brown took it upon himself to call it a career in the NFL. Without a doubt, Brown isn’t hurting anyone but himself and may have a difficult time regaining his former status in the National Football League.