Have the New York Giants Found Their New Quarterback?

Anthony Presnar , Sports Writer

Ever since 2011 when the Giants went to the Superbowl they haven’t had a playoff game to this day.The Giants fans believe that Eli Manning has lost his touch for football as a Quarterback. In the past drafts the Giants have not went after a Quarterback since getting Philip Rivers in 2004 and then trading for Eli Manning after the 2004 draft.  Since 2004 Eli has been the face of the Giants at quarterback. The Giants had started with Eli in week one and week two in which they lost both of the games that he played . After week two,  Eli threw for 250 yards and 1 touchdown, as well as, tw0 interceptions.  In addiiton, he also completed 26 out of 45 passes.  However, after this mixed performance, the Giants decided that it was time to make a change.

During week three of the NFL seasaon, the Giants played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and at this point before the game the Giants were 0-2, so they had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The Giants decided to bench Eli after 16 straight seasons starting for them.At the beginning of preseason Giants Head Coach said “Eli will be our starter going into the 2019-2020 season because this is Eli’s team” so there was no doubt that Eli would be starting. At week two of the season, Eli  had a 37.8 quarterback rating which is horrible from a veteran in the NFL. The Giants wanted to see how their No.6 Draft Pick would play, so they debuted quarterback Daniel Jones which nobody was happy to see him starting for the Giants.Finally when week 3 came around it was time for Daniel Jones to show Giants why they chose him over Dwayne Haskins.The Giants were playing the Buccaneers and it was Jones time to shine.

In the First Quarter of the game the Giants were trailing the Buccaneers 12-3 and were not doing to well. Going into the Second Quarter the had only got 7 more points and the Buccaneers scoreed  16 more points. Also, before they were going into halftime Saquan Barkley had suffered a high ankle sprain late in the Second Quarter.So they were already down their star running back and didn’t have their veteran QB Eli Manning in and they weren’t going to put him in.  The Giants fans were unhappy with the decision to start Jones over Manning and they thought the game was over.Coming out of halftime into the Third Quarter the Giants needed a firecracker start in that quarter.  Daniel Jones had a message for the team because he played bad in the first half.  They were losing 28-10 and the defense was struggling and he went in the locker room and  told the team “lets expletive score”. When he said that to the team that is what gave them the fiery red hot start to a comeback.  The rookie Daniel Jones then scored 15 points in the third quarter and the defense held the Buccaneers to 0 and the score was 28-25 Buccaneers. Going into the fourth the Giants defense stood on top allowing only a field goal during the fourth and rookie Daniel Jones drove down the field and got a touchdown and the Giants stopped the Buccaneers from scoring making the Giants win 32-31. Daniel Jones proved all the doubters wrong by making a 18 point comeback which he led.  The Giants will probably have Jones in as QB for week 4, but unfortunately will not have Saquan Barkley for the next couple of games.Daniel Jones shined during the darkest time.   Without a doubt, he changed the Giants with this performance, but can he do it again?


Week 4 The Giants played the Redskins it was Daniel Jones second appearance as a starting QB for the Giants and the game was a home game for the Giants.  Jones had to show the crowd of Giants fans that he had what it took to takeover Eli’s spot. Daniel won the game 24-3, but not only that he threw for 225 yards 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions Jones completed 23 out of 31 total pass attempts. In addition, Jones looked really good on Sunday,but the 2 interceptions he threw changed him from looking amazing to good. Daniel Jones could change the game for the Giants franchise as the season moves forward.