Meet the “Nooch” (Dominic Fornataro)


Dominic “Nooch” Fornataro is a freshmen at New Castle High School.  He played in the 2019 Pony League World Series at Washington PA for Youngstown, Ohio.  The team went 2-2.  They defeated Guasave, Mexico, and Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  They lost to Chinese Taipei twice.  Nooch is one of the two students from New Castle to play on the team.   I hope you enjoy the interview-Josh.

Q: How’d you get the name “Nooch”?
A: From a feature movie called the Godfather.

Q: How was your experience at Washington?
A: Great experience, a lot of team bonding, and the energy and atmosphere were always positive.

Q: Do you still keep in touch with the team from Youngstown?
A: Yes, we talk almost every day.

Q: Where was your favorite place to play at and why?
A: I would say Washington, but places like Cooperstown and Ripken are close seconds.

Q: Who’s your favorite professional player and why?
A: Bryce Harper because I like the way he approaches the game.  He has a lot confidence.

Q: Do you have a person you like to work out with?
A: I like to work out with my uncle, Mr.Panella, and Dante Micaletti.

Q: What baseball coach has made the most impact on your career and why?
A: PJ Micaletti, he is a student of the game, and knows how to improve everything.

Q: What is your definition of a student-athlete?
A: A person that is dedicated to school, and every sport they play.

Q: Did you feel any extra pressure playing on television?
A: No, every time I just go out and play my game.

Q: What expectations do have you for the team and yourself?
A: I believe when will improve on our season from last year, and for myself, I just want to contribute to the team as much as possible.

Q:  What is your favorite hobby to do outside of baseball?
A: I enjoy practicing on my craft (practicing baseball), and occasionally playing video games with my friends.

Q: Favorite video game?
A: NBA 2k

Q: What is your biggest strength in life?
A: If I want something, I’m going to go get it with hard work and dedication.

Q: What biggest weakness in life, and how can you work on it?
A: My time management, and I can improve by having laser like focus.

Q: Favorite pre-game snack?
A: Strawberry Protein Bar with a bottle of G-fuel.

Q: How do you hydrate during games?
A: Gatorade, and occasionally water.

Q: How do you relax after a long day of baseball?
A: A nice hot shower, a luxurious meal, and I just chill and relax.

Q: For the record, what is your favorite restaurant in New Castle?
A: Gotta stay close to home, and say Pagley’s Pasta and More.

We wish Dominic the best of luck this year on, and off the field.