Gaining Self Confidence


Hailey Gonzales, Special Contributor

Have you ever struggled to find your purpose? Have you ever had a loved one struggle with self confidence? I struggled with self confidence for three years. But eventually I realized that life isn’t about what you look like or what u think everyone thinks of you. It’s about being happy. So if your happy, what is the problem? One quote I believe everyone should live by is “everyone has a purpose, big or small”. whether your purpose is to help others to find their purpose or if your purpose is to save mankind. no matter which, u have a purpose. So anytime you think you don’t deserve to live realize without you, the future won’t be the same.

However being someone who has struggled withself confidence, I know usually it’s harder than a speech to build confidence. So here are three of many different ways to build your confidence: 

  1. Put yourself into a positive mind set – find things that make you happy or positive and do those things, hangout with those people, etc. this will help build a positive life which will build a positive mindset.

  2. Make yourself live a healthy lifestyle – eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, etc. Do everything that is said online or by adults to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle will cause you less stress and help you stay healthy so you are yourself.

  3. Put yourself around positive and healthy people – you should always feel safe and happy around the people you are with often. For example, instead of being around bullies, be around people who stand up for the bullied. Putting yourself in a positive environment is a key step to building self confidence.