Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Review

Charles Off, EntertainmentWriter

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is a video game available on all major platforms.  However, it has been recently facing backlash from the fanbase. I dove deep into the multiplayer playlists, and from my experience, I  would have to agree with the majority of the fanbase. The biggest complaint from the players are the spawns. Upon death, you respawn in the game in most game modes. The problem is that you respawn too close to other players in combat and have the chance to be instantly killed with no chance to fight back. In past games, the spawns were pretty good.  However, in this edition of the Call Of Duty franchise when it comes to this feature of the game it is somewhat questionable.

Players have also been complaining about the map selection. The new maps support a camping type of playstyle, which means to hide and pick players off that are in the open. In past titles, the play-style was more of a run’ and gun type of feature.  Now that they changed this, many pro players who have mastered the playstyle are now having trouble switching over to this new playstyle.  Without a doubt this that could be hurting the eSports scene of the game. In turn, this could be losing Activision, the developer, a lot of money. They need to fix these main two issues in the multiplayer to help generate more income.

In my opinion, I could not recommend this game to new players in this current developmental state. I wouldn’t have personally spent sixty dollars on the game. However, if you have the extra money laying around, there is nothing wrong with picking this title up. I cannot recommend it, but you may like the camping playstyle more than I do. I played the game semi-professionally and it felt like I lost all my skill set when the players started to adapt to this play-style. Hopefully, next year’s addition to the franchise could go back to the original play-style, and I will return to the game series.