Browns Cause Chaos The Helmet Incident


Anthony Presnar, Sports Editor

Thursday November 14,2019, was the 11 week  of the NFL Season, the Steelers were playing against the Browns on Thursday Night Football. One of the most heated rivalries in the entire National Football League.  The Steelers came into this game missing their running-back James Connor and as well as missing future Hall of Famer QB Ben Roethlisberger-still looking to still win the game against the Browns. The Browns came  into the game missing their Star Safety Demarius Randall.The game was bosted by the  Cleveland Browns and was televised in prime time.  

The Game

The Steelers started on offense first and did nothing with the ball other than go three and out.  They chose to punt the ball away on fourth down to the Browns. The Browns tookover on downs and were looking to go down the field and score  something they have struggled with throughout this year. Surprisingly, Baker Mayfield found Odel Beckham Jr. open down field and throws to him for a touchdown on their first possession with the football. The Browns were leading the Steelers 7-0. Starting with the ball in the second quarter were the Browns. The Browns managed to score yet again going up 14-0. The Steelers defense wasn’t showing anything that they had been showing all season.

The Steelers came out of halftime looking a little different.   The Steelers finally forced a three and out and took over on offense. The Steelers then went downfield basically by penalties and scored. There was a total of five penalties on the Browns during the drive. The two biggest penalties being, hitting a defenseless receiver and the huge pass interference to get the Steelers down to the goal line. Which the Steelers then got a touchdown to trail the Browns 14-7. The Browns then scored to increase the lead to 21-7. The Brown had beaten the Steelers and the Steelers had the ball on the last drive and there were 38 seconds left in the game. The Steelers snapped the ball on second down and Myles Garrett comes around the Steelers left tackle to sack Mason Rudolph. This wasn’t considered a sack due to Garrett’s actions after the play. Rudolph (on the ground) tired to rip off Myles Garrett’s helmet, but he can’t get if off so Garret gets up and lifts up Rudolph and rips his helmet off and then hits Rudolph in the head with his own helmet. Garrett had ruined the rest of the season for himself. The NFL has suspended Garrett indefinitely and fined each team $250,000.  Myles Garrett had ruined the rest of his season because of this incident. The Browns can’t win even when they win because of the teams actions after the game. The two teams will face off  on  Sunday, December 2nd (week 13 ) of the NFL schedule.  Given their rivalry,  it is going to be a game that you might want to watch.