New Castle’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Alexis Bethle, Junior Editor

While all the excitement of the season is arising the seasonal traditions are put back into action. Sitting with the family on Christmas eve watching your favorite holiday movies never fail to make for a good night. After asking people about their favorites of the season I am very excited to tell you about some of New Castle’s favorites.

To start off the list the 5th favorite Christmas movie was 1983 classic “The Christmas Story.” The story of a child, Ralphie Parker dodging his bully and dreaming about the Christmas gift he would wish he could have, the “Red Ryder air rifle.” Written by Jean Shepard this movie is well-loved in homes everywhere and definitely in New Castle.

Continuing the countdown the 4th favorite Christmas movie was tallied in as the cartoon “The Grinch.” Featuring the Grinch himself not wanting to like Christmas due to how it had been for him in the past. His goal was to steal gifts and make others dislike Christmas as he did but this was unable to happen because of the amount of heart he had by the end of the movie.

Next in line, the 3rd favorite Christmas movie in the city is “Polar Express,” the 2004 film shows the story of a young boy taking a train ride to the North Pole. It captures the journey of discovery and shows him that as long as he believes the wonder in like will never seize to fail us no matter who we are.

The runner up best Christmas movie to the New Castle area was “Christmas Vacation.” The story of Clark Griswold and his dysfunctional family is a comical movie that makes people everywhere laugh. Clark’s main goal is to impress all and seem as perfect as possible but this is not easily done because of his cousin and other family visiting him and making the things he wants to do harder to achieve.

Finally, New Castle’s favorite Christmas movie was the Holiday comical hit “Elf.” The movie stars Buddy the elf who was brought to the North Pole as a toddler and taught to be an elf. It accounts for his adventure to New York to try to help him fit in with people around him that he does not know how to live like. His main goal to find his father is the storyline that everyone loves and continues to watch year after year.

Overall, Christmas movies are something that is a tradition that lies in many families all around the world. These movies are loved not only by New Castle but by people everywhere. Christmas is an exciting season that brings positive attitudes that help the season become so pleasant and well-loved. I hope you get to enjoy your favorite Christmas movie this season with your family friends or whoever you would like to. Happy Holidays from the Eye of the Hurricane News!