Working While in High School

Working While in High School

Rachel Fuller, Feature Editor

Not everyone in High School has a job, but a lot of us do! Whether that be at a restaurant, fast food, grocery stores or even just babysitting, dog walking or shoveling snow. Me? I work at Bob Evans. It’s a pretty fun place to work, actually! You build a bond with your coworkers, serve new people and best of all get free snacks. 

Working while in high school can be tough, exhausting but entertaining. I love meeting new people and serving them. Since I’m a waitress I have to be in a good mood, always nice and helping my table out in any way I can. I check on their drinks or if they need to go boxes, or if they’re gonna eat dessert. Sometimes you get senior citizens who come in alone, just to be in a social setting while they sip their coffee. Other times I get little children who shake with excitement when they see pancakes being brought out. But my least favorite part is dealing with pretentious customers. Some people complain about absolutely everything, want their meal for free, or don’t tip just because of a perceived lack of service.  My challenge, is to give them the best experience possible.

It can be a really challenging  job, mentally and physically. I’m constantly running around, checking on people, making sure receipts are correct. While I worry about doing things correctly at work, I also have to focus on my schoolwork as well. I always make sure before I go to work I get any homework I need to turn done. I get my schoolwork organized and then I don’t have to worry about that at work.

While balancing school, I also have to balance mental and physical health. I try not to let any challenging customers get to me. I eat before and after work. Always remember to stay hydrated and eat!  Remember working and going to high school can be a wonderful learning experience that helps you learn both discipline and the rigor of hard work.