Steelers In or Out?


Anthony Presnar, Sport Writer

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently 8-6 after a difficult loss to Buffalo. This was due to the lack of offense and four interceptions. Although the Steelers lost  17-10 to the Bills,  it may seem like the Steelers offense kept up with the Bills offense, they really didn’t keep up it was more so the Steelers defense that kept up with the Bills offense. The defense may have allowed 17 total points, but they gave Devlin Hodges and the Steelers offense a barrage of chances to capitalize or take the lead over the Bills, but the Steelers offense just did not show up in this game. Devlin Hodges formally is known as “The Duck” took over for Mason Rudolph after Mason threw a four-interception game against the Browns in week 11 and lost.

It seems that the Steelers are playing a game of rotating quarterbacks after Ben Roethlisberger had been pronounced out for the remainder of the season. The Duck had Steeler Fans ‘ooohing and ahhing’ over his first three games as a starter, but the only things the fans did not notice was who the teams they were facing. The Duck may have won his first three games of his career, but they were against teams way under .500. The Duck beat the Bengals, Browns, and the Cardinals. When week 15 came around the Duck would be facing one of the toughest teams in his career, they were playing the Bills which was a big game for them to win. The Bills are 9-4  and are considered a high potential playoff team, as well as, an outstanding defense. This would be the proving grounds for Duck Hodges.

The Final Game of The Steelers To Decide If They Make the Playoffs Or Not

The Steelers were going to face the Ravens in week 17 to decide if they would continue playing after week 17. The Ravens were benching their starters for this game. The Steelers could easily win against the Raven’s second-stringers. Hodges could have had a good game, but he did not do so hot. The Steelers ended up losing 28-10 to the Ravens.   The Duck threw for 9/25 with 95 yards and surprisingly no interceptions.  However, he could not get a touchdown to save his life and the Steelers playoff chances were cut short for the 2019-2020 Playoffs.