Singing with Amiliana Ford: One of New Castle Senior High Choir Students

Trinity Jamerson, Feature Editor

 (Amiliana: far left, middle row)





This is Amiliana Ford, commonly known and preferred as “Mimi”. Shes a sophomore here at New Castle Senior High. Mimi is an honor roll student and loves to be included in any activity school-related or not.  Three years ago, as a seventh-grader Mimi joined the school choir and has been in love with it ever since. Throughout this interview, it was greatly expressed that the work that goes into preparing for concerts is very much so overlooked and the choir doesn’t get enough rep. Hopefully, through this article, the choir will become more appreciated.


Question 1: Is singing something you do as an outlet or something you take seriously as in possibly for a career?

A: Definitely as an outlet. Although I do enjoy it I never thought about it as a career.

Question 2: What section of the choir do you sing in? In detail what does this part do?

A: I sing alto, which is the lower range for females (have deeper voices). We tend to be quiet also.

Question 3: When did you know you had an interest in singing?

A: I always liked to sing. Back in elementary I enjoyed being in all the talent and dance shows however I didn’t think I could actually sing.

Question 4: Do you sing outside of school?

A: All the time. Like for instance if someone asked me to I would.

Question 5: Are there any problems/challenges for you in this activity?

A: No I love choir! Like I’m really connected.  We are like a big family, but I do think we don’t get enough rep. Like an average person in this school probably doesn’t even know about us and what we do.

Question 6: What’s your favorite part about being apart of the New Castle Senior High choir class?

A: Definitely Mrs. Geary (Choir Teacher) and the people! Like I already said we’re like a big family and she treats us like her little children.

Question 7: Would you want to continue singing in higher levels of education like in college?

A: Yeah as an extracurricular activity. For sure not my major.

Question 8: Is there any advice you have for someone wanting to try out but is on the fence about it?

A: Show up! Like for real we love everybody! Even if it’s so you don’t have to take general music, as that was my original motive just do it!

Words From Amiliana:

-I feel like we don’t get enough recognition… Three, sometimes four concerts a year with little events in between. We have rehearsals every day during school which becomes straining on your throat. I also feel like we should get pins. Maybe not the whole choir but definitely Sound Surge (a select 12 out of the entire choir) which we have to try out for and two practices are held week after a long six-hour day of school. We have to learn three or four songs for Sound Surge plus the four songs required for being in the choir class. Not only do we put in a lot of work but so does Mrs. Geary our teacher.  She has to teach the eight songs to multiple different students with different personalities and ways of learning which can be a challenge in itself. She also has to make sure everything is prepared for our concert tech-wise. Not to mention that what she does out of school hours is done out of the kindness of her heart. With this being said I think the New Castle Senior Choir and Mrs. Geary should at least get a shout out if nothing else.