Carlos Beltran: How His Job with the Mets was Lost


Josh Hoerner, Sports Writer

In my upcoming article explaining the Astros recent punishment, I stated that no players were punished from the investigation.  Since that subsequent article things have changed.  There has been a former player that has been punished.  That player was Carlos Beltran, and the only thing is we still don’t know Beltran’s punishment from the MLB.  So, you might be saying, “How was he punished?”  Well, after Beltran retired he took one year off.  This past offseason, Beltran landed a job with the New York Mets, as a manager.  The Mets hired him on November 1st.  A lot has changed since then.  The punishment for the Astros has now been released, and Beltran has now been fired.  Well, they parted ways, which pretty much means the same as fired in the baseball world.  To me, this came as a surprise.  Why the Mets fired him is pretty evident.  But, as of 2 days ago from the day I’m writing this, the Mets haven’t interviewed anyone to replace Beltran.

Well, let us run through the Mets year really quickly.  The reigning Cy Young Champ and MVP candidate Jacob Degrom was ready to carry the pitching staff again.  Well, it was a typically Mets season, finishing with 86 wins, and no playoffs.  Also, Mets manager Mickey Callaway gets into an altercation.  Well, I’m sure management couldn’t wait to get rid of this guy.  Then, the Mets joined the trend and hired a former player as a manager, which has shown success lately.  Now, it is backfiring.  Let’s run through a list of a few potential candidates for the job.

The Lead Candidate: Eduardo Perez

Perez was one of the final candidates before the Mets hired Beltran.  I’m sure he would still be interested.  He has some experience, and would for sure bring leadership and knowledge to the group of Mets.

The Former Player Trend: David Wright

This is a real long shot.  But, if there is one guy who knows this team in and out, it is David Wright.  His leadership and knowledge of the team would go a long way to helping this team get back into the playoffs.

The One Year Option: Terry Collins

I know.  I know.  His last job was with the Mets, and right now, he’s probably just chilling.  But, he has led the Mets to playoff appearances before and could be a good one year option for them.

The Longshot: Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy is one of the greatest managers of all time.  He has proved he can win.  But, would he come back?  More than likely no.  But, you gotta make the call.  You have to try and get him.

The Guy in the Organization: Hensley Meulens

The current Mets bench coach has been with them for a little while and really knows the game.  He is more than qualified for the job, but his experience could lead to some issues.