The Benefits of a Wrestling Club


Noah Shields, Feature Writer

 A wrestling club is something that is highly utilized in the wrestling community. There are multiple reasons some wrestlers are just looking to get better for there an actual season, while some are using it as a way to get more exposure to colleges by going to offseason tournaments with the club they wrestle. I originally decided to go to this club because I wanted to get better for this season coming up.

Eventually, it opened my eyes to all the possibilities that wrestling for a club has to offer to someone. There is a lot of up’s and down’s that come with wrestling in a club. Once you start going to club you realize that the wrestlers that are going have been wrestling in and out of season a lot longer than you have. So just starting to go you have to put a lot of hard work to start getting better.

One thing these clubs offer you wrestle at is offseason tournaments. They give you the option to be able to wrestle other people that are doing the same thing and you get to start working on mistakes you have before the actual season even begins. I found this as a major help because of dealing with injuries and missing parts of seasons because of this. I was able to work on issues that seem to reoccur every year and work on those.

Being able to work on certain things that I found where flawed like an issue I had with my stance, or my shooting and being able to incorporate that better into my skills. I found myself slowly improving every practice. Not did I just find myself improving every practice, the coaches and wrestlers also helped me fix things I didn’t notice that needed to be fixed.

Another benefit from wrestling with a club is the exposure with colleges and college coaches. This may be a thing to someone or it may not. It personally is to me because of wanting to be able to wrestle in college and these clubs help with exposure. They had these coaches come in from some big schools come in and run a practice. these were big deals because maybe if you were not a widely known name in the wrestling community these would give you chances to show the coaches you had talent. Maybe if the coaches thought you had a lot of potential they would even show interest in you.

Also, these clubs offer training for if you want to go to bigger national tournaments in the off-season where a lot of college scouts go to recruit. The club will offer practices that will prepare you for these national tournaments and even some times if enough kids are going coaches from other clubs will even go to help coach you and other kids that are going.

Clubs are easy to find and easily accessible even if you have to drive a short distance. I would reccomened to anyone that is thinking about wrestling or already wrestles to join a club.  Without a doubt, they will help you with wrestling and give you an opening to the world of wrestling.