Meet Isiah Carter of the Red Hurricanes Senior Preview


I recently had the opportunity to interview Senior Isiah Carter of the New Castle Red Hurricane Basketball Team.  I hope you enjoy this exclusive.-Mike


Question: How has your experience with the New Castle basketball team for four years?

Isiah:  It was a great experience to be with the team. I have learned a lot over these four years, not just about basketball but things I can take with me after I leave.

Question: Do you feel like your career has been played to the fullest?

Isiah: Yes when I was on the court I gave it my all every time.

Question: What does Red Hurricane Basketball mean to you?

Isiah: Being apart of something more than yourself when you are on the court its not just about yourself but it is about fighting for your brother next to you.

Question: Do you feel like the basketball program has made a positive effect on your high school career?

Isiah: Yes, the program has taught me to do things even when you don’t feel like it. We all have days where we might not feel like getting up for school, or maybe you feel like not trying your hardest in school, but what the program taught me was to always give your all.

Question; Do you feel like this year’s team is going to make it even though the teams very young?

Isiah: Yes, the team is young but, they know how to play and all have a good I.Q. for the game

Question: What is the relationship you have with this year’s team?

Isiah: They’re my family and if your my family I’ll do anything for you.

Question: How do you stay motivated after losing a game?

Isiah: When we lose it drives me to get better. So, I find the mistakes we made and try to get better.

Question: What do you feel you have brought to the team this year?

Isiah: I feel like I brought an example that anyone can do this. I don’t do anything special on the court. I just give it my all. Anyone can do their best and stay in front of someone on defense. Anyone can take a charge just got to do it.

Question: If you could go back would there be anything you would change this year?

Isiah: Make it and win the WIPAL championship.

Question: How do you want your teammates to remember you?

Isiah: Someone that gave it their all and was real with everyone all the way through.