“Madden Curse” Broken


Anthony Presnar, Sports Wrtier

For years, if a National Football League player was selected as the Madden Ea Sports game, they were going to have an unlucky season and most likely get hurt or lose a big game. Madden’s nineteen Cover Athlete was Antonio Brown look at where he is t now. Brown is facing legal charges and is in huge trouble. Brown suffered the worst possible “Madden Curse” as it took him out the NFL and now he is trying to make it back into the NFL. Madden 18 QuarterBack Tom Brady was the Cover Athlete and lost the Superbowl that year to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, Madden 20 Cover Athlete is something different.

The Madden 20 Cover Athlete was Patrick Mahomes and Mahomes had not gotten the “Madden Curse” all season other than getting a minor knee injury that kept him out for 4-5 weeks. Despite this injury, Mahomes led his team to the Super Bowl and has not suffered any other misfortune. Mahomes played the whole Super Bowl and he did not have his best game, but when it mattered he did not disappoint. Mahomes did not only win the Super Bowl and not suffer a season-ending injury, but he won Super Bowl MVP. And Patrick Mahomes became the youngest player to win both MVP and Super Bowl MVP in his first three seasons.