2020 Baseball Interview with the Roccostar Himself


Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Rocco Bernadina on the upcoming season. Rocco is an 11th grader at New Castle Senior High School. Rocco participates in Baseball, bowling, and golf. I met up with Rocco after he finished up practice and he shared his thoughts about baseball.

QUESTION: Why do you like baseball?

I’ve always loved it since forever. It’s an escape to take my mind off of everything and focus on what I love.

QUESTION: What position do you play?

I’m a pitcher or wherever the team needs me

QUESTION: Are you in the starting lineup?

Yes, sir!!!

QUESTION: How long have you been playing baseball?

As long as I can remember.

QUESTION: How do you feel about your teammates?

I love them, they’re brothers to me.

QUESTION: How well do you think you will play this year?

I think I will show up and do my part. I’m very anxious to see the hard work pay off.

QUESTION: How well do you think the team will do this year?

I know that they will do great things and help us win.

QUESTION: What advice would you give to younger players watching you?

I’m very close with the younger players on varsity and I try to help them as much as I can to be better.

QUESTION: What made you decide to become a baseball player?

Everything about the game.

QUESTION: How do you prepare yourself for games?

I zone out of the world and focus on nothing but my job on the field.

QUESTION: How does it feel with everyone looking up to you? Do you feel any pressure?

No, I know my team has my back just like I will always have theirs. We’re going for it all this year.