Difficult Times Don’t Last Forever


Juleeann Viggiano, Senior Editor

Being home during this world pandemic has been a struggle especially because for the last twelve years we have attended a brick and mortar school.  For most of the 2019-2020 school year, we have in school learning a new lesson in different classes and gaining new knowledge every day. This being my senior year, it has been very difficult because it is supposed to be the year where we do all the fun activities such as senior skip day, senior trip, and senior prank.

 Now, these memories that would stick with us for a lifetime are lost. In the future, we’ll have stories to tell our children and they won’t be the average stories that our parents tell us now. Our story will be quite different. We’re now spending our last quarter of high school online avoiding all social contact with other people. Trying to complete online courses is easy especially with not having anything else better to do. Though I am still an essential worker it’s still easy to do so.

Must I say, online classes, are not as easy when you struggle in a subject.  But with the help of my teachers and other staff at New Castle Senior High School success is possible.  They are always willing to help us even while living their lives with their children and grandchildren.   It is very much appreciated because I am one who can not learn so easily from these courses especially because I am not good at pre-calculus.  However, I have a teacher who is outstanding in this subject.  Without a doubt, I am glad I have her because I would not be passing this mos difficult class. 

I must say the class of 2020 has outdone themselves with senior skip day. Most seniors choose one day, my class is spending the rest of the year out of school.   Given the hand,  we were dealt, I think we’ve officially outdone ourselves with this one.  For there are two certainties:  this has been a sad time for us and we still found a way to graduate.