NFL Free Agency /Road to the Draft Senior Edition Preview


Anthony Presnar, Sports Writer

So far in the 2020 free agency, there seems to have been a crazy amount of trades as well as a  lot of veteran free agents. Some of the veteran free agents are Phillip Rivers, Jamies Winston, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Jadeveon Clowney, Todd Gurley, and Malcolm Jenkins.  Some experts believe that some names on the list would never be called a “free agent”, but they have this year. Tom Brady who has led the New England Patriots along with Bill Belichick-has managed to win a total of six rings.  This accomplishment led to the Patriots tying with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the only teams that hold six Lombardi Trophies.  Another name that was a shock to all was Phillip Rivers. Rivers played for the Chargers for all of his career and hasn’t won a ring, but he possesses an incredible career. Had he won a couple of championships with them he probably would not have left.

The Steelers are targeting to either draft a quarterback in the draft or grabbing one from free agency. The QB free agent that they would want might be James Winston,  In addition, Cam Newton his on his way out of being injured and could possibly have another MVP season in him.  If no team picks him up he may not play again considering he sat out two years of the NFL from injury. Jadeveon Clowney yet again a free agent feels like he is team surfing. Clowney wants to have a max deal, but nobody will sign him because it sounds like he just wants significant money and then leaves the team if it is a short contract.  Clowney is indeed really good and one of the better linebackers in the league.  Clowney ended with the Texans he has not been stable from moving teams, from the Texans to the Seahawks and is looking for a new team now.

Malcolm Jenkins will be leaving the Eagles as they are no longer extending his contract.  For Eagles fans, this hurts them to see such a leader on and off the field leave their team as he helped them win Superbowl 52 as he simplified the defensive playcalling though all the other injuries. Shocked to see him leave, but he signed back with the team that drafted him which was the Saints. Todd Gurley who has arthritis in his knees his still a solid running back but I highly doubt nobody would want him to be a starting back when they can draft someone out of the draft, but who knows anymore. I hope you enjoyed this overview of this year’s most notable free agency.