Senior-Micah Killion


Anthony Eckenroad, Senior Editor Feaures

I recently had the chance to interview Senior Micah Killion  I hope you enjoy this interview-Anthony

Q-How is your senior year of High School going so far?

A- Senior year was going good until the nasty coronavirus came upon us.

Q- What is your best memory during High School?

 A-My best memory of high school would definitely have to be the dances homecoming and prom.

Q- Are you Involved in any school/ after school activities?

A- yes I was involved in football for two years wrestling for four and track for two years.

Q- Do you plan on attending college after high school? If so where?

A-No I do not plan on attending college.

Q- What are your plans for after school in the future?

A-I am in the delayed entry program for the Marines as of now until October 21, 2020, I will be sent to Paris Island for Boot Camp.

Q- What teacher was the most influential in your life throughout high school?

A-The most influential teacher to me would have to be Mr. Mastrángelo because he’s very wise and he has been through a lot that I have so he understands what I go through on a daily basis.

Q- Describe your senior year in three words!!

A-If I can describe senior year and three words it would have to be fun,(Upside-Down), and humility.

Q– What will you always remember after high school?

A-What I will always remember about high school is The obstacles I had to face and overcome, gain new friendships, and cut ties with old friendships.

Q-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A-I see myself on my base and my home with my wife in 10 years.


I would like to thank Micah for his time and Best of wishes to him and all of our seniors after high school in the future!!!