Interview with Aleah Nelson – One of New Castle Senior High’s 2020 Graduates


Trinity Jamerson, Feature Editor

This is Aleah Nelson a senior here at New Castle Jr./Sr. High.  Aleah plans to attend Duquesne University in the fall, starting her journey in entrepreneurship.  Not only does she strive to do her best in academics but she is also a member of the student council and peer leadership.  Aleah finds joy in contributing to the community wherever she can. This past Christmas Aleah helped children shop for their families during Santa’s Lane at Harry W. Lockley Early Learning Center. In Addition, she also cleaned different parts of the city with “United Way Cleanup”.  Aleah’s dedication to the school is to be commended so I decided to ask her a few questions about her past years in school before she embarks on this new adventure. 

Question 1:  What were your favorite years of school? Kindergarten, elementary (1st-3rd), Middle school (4th-6th), Junior High (7th-8th), or Senior High (9th-12th), and Why?

Answer:  High School as been by far my favorite years because that’s when I met some of my closest friends and learned some of the best life lessons.

Question 2:  What is your favorite subject? Why?

Answer:  Science has to be one of my favorite subjects because it is a big part of what I plan to do in the future

Question 3:  Throughout your years of being in school what do you think was your biggest challenge?

Answer:  I think the biggest challenge for me was AP Economics because it was more than I had anticipated before taking on the class.

Question 4:  What is your best memory of a field trip you took? What made it your favorite?

Answer:  I would say the best memory I have would have to be when I went on my college tour trip  because that is where I found out what I wanted to do with me life

Question 5:  What do you think you will miss most about being in high school? What is something you think you be glad to leave behind? 

Answer:  I’m going to miss seeing my friends in the hallway every day but very happy to leave behind the dress code and teachers constantly telling me what to do.

Question 6:  If you could say something to a junior going into their senior year, what would you say?

Answer:  Junior year going into senior year I most definitely thought it was going to be a breeze but once senior year came It was much tougher than I assumed.  So I’d say do not let your guard down and think you will still make it cause that will not cut it.

Although Aleah’s senior year was cut short being the circumstances, she continues to stay positive and remains hopeful for what is to come. I hope you enjoyed this article about Aleah Nelson, one of New Castle’s 2020 graduates.