Soap vs. Covid-19 THE NEW NORMAL


Gia Wholaver, Feature Writer

The Coronavirus  Pandemic is a hard time for everyone. They all seem to think that sanitizing their hands is the best way to stay far away from this virus. What people seem to not know is that hand-sanitizer kills bacteria and soap kills the virus. There have been many people admitted into the hospital from drinking the sanitizer thinking it would help them. It says on soap bottles that it kills however much percentage of viruses. Hand-sanitizer kills however much percentage of a bacteria.

The Coronavirus is a virus that brings upon respiratory problems within people. For people to be prepared, they want their hands to be clean after touching something that may have the virus. Hand sanitizer and soap have been in a race of which is better for some time now. They’re both good for different things, but not good for their competition’s specialty.  While hand sanitizer does not help as much, soap works to kill the virus because the molecules of soap envelop the virus and break them apart so they can’t spread anymore. 

The Coronavirus is closely compared to how butter is being washed with soap and water. Water gets rid of the exterior of the virus but the soap dissolves the actual virus itself. Putting alcohol or hand sanitizer does not remove the greasy interior of the virus. CNN Health says “Once the virus or bacteria splits open, it spills its guts into the soapy water and dies.” When someone uses a hand sanitizer, it kills the bacteria but just spreads the virus around on your hands. Some soap molecules disrupt the chemical bonds that allow bacteria, viruses, and grime to stick to surfaces, lifting them off the skin.

Without a doubt, Coronavirus is a complex system that is not easily killed. Soap seems to be the most effective killer of this virus. Twenty seconds of washing someone’s hands can save people from spreading it. Spreading it less and less can come upon the end of our world’s pandemic. Someone washing their hands, instead of using hand sanitizer, even once a day could possibly save many lives.