Benefits of Fresh Air For Your Health


Noah Shields , Feature Writer

It’s not a myth that there are many health benefits from going outside. One of the most well known is how you get vitamin D from the sun, but did you know there are many more than just that. Some of these include improvements in blood pressure, boosts in mental health, decrease your risk of cancer, improvements in your short term memory, and also being outside can de-stress you. Some of you may be thinking that okay so what, well I’m going to explain in-depth three of these topics and explain how they will benefit your health in the long term. 

High blood pressure is something that can lead to many bad health conditions. A few of these are heart attacks, stroke, heart disease, or microvascular disease. With just spending time outside you can decrease blood pressure and in turn lower your chances of any of these health problems showing up later in your life. 

Mental health is something everybody struggles with from time to time. Another benefit of being outside is a boost in your mental health. A  lot of people struggle with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or any of the other types of mental health issues. But just by simply spending some time outside doing some type of activity or just sitting there outside you can have a positive effect on your mental health. I have found many times that when I am struggling with my own mental health I usually end up outside either doing some sort of activity or even just sitting there and that amount of time seems to help with my mood or whatever type of issues I have that day.

Many kids my age are very stressed constantly; it doesn’t matter if it’s from school or issues with friends or family. Another benefit of going outside can also be a de-stressor. When stressed some health issues that may occur range from depression all the way to heart problems. With going outside being a de-stressor, you can go outside and have the chances of these health problems decrease. With stress being relieved from oneself this will also lead to a happier, and healthier life. 

There are many ways that going outside can benefit your health from de-stressing you to lowering your mental health. Going outside is usually overlooked as not that helpful to this new generation. But just by going outside, there are a lot of benefits that will help in proving bot just boost your mental health but your physical health as well