Quarantine and Mental Health

Quarantine and Mental Health

Noah Shields, Feature Writer

Many people may experience their moods may be changing for the worse. They may wake up sad, or mad more than usual. It’s very important to be able to do some things that you like to do or things that make you happy. You may have been doing this already so instead of trying to repeat the same stuff every day trying to just get a little bit of serotonin. Try picking up a new hobby that you always have thought was cool or was interested in. with quarantine still being with us as we approach summer you have a lot more free time than usual to try new things. 

Psychological well- being has five factors, Self-acceptance,  Personal growth, Purpose in life, Environmental mastery, Autonom.  All of these five factors off your psychological well- being can and will be affected in quarantine. With everything coming to a halt all of a sudden everyone is still adjusting to this whole ordeal. So most people may have issues with any of these factors, maybe one more than the other. It’s important to keep motivated and be able to understand this isn’t going to last forever. To be able to have your psychological well- being to stay healthy you need to keep motivated, trying doing home workouts, or anything to help you concentrate on bettering yourself as a person.

In this time many kids may feel that their social well-being is lower than it usually is or that the level of social interaction is lower than what they are used to being exposed to.  Thankfully we were born in a time that it is easier to stay connected with friends more than ever. If you feel like you’re dying for social interaction or you are going crazy because you can’t see any of your friends there are still many other ways to have social interaction to make sure your social well-being is intact. Some of the many ways include group facetime calls where you can try to get in as many friends as possible into a facetime and all talk or even just facetime with that one person you really miss talking too, you can even just create a group message with your friend group it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re able to keep these social outlets and stay in contact with friends this will help your social well-being

Quarantine is hard on everyone of all ages. This is a hard time we will all get through even if one of these three parts of your mental health is affected. In each paragraph, there are some ways to keep each part of your mental health in good shape. Not only should this help with just your mental health but also your physical health too.