Senior Edition/2019/2020 School Year


Rachel Fuller, Feature Editor

This year our Eye of the Hurricane Senior Edition is a little different due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This year seniors are missing out on activities such as senior sports games, banquets, prom, and some not even knowing if they will walk across the stage to graduate or not. My heart goes out to all the seniors missing out on all the things they may have been looking forward to. I have one more year and I can only hope things will go back to normal. 

I miss being able to see my teachers and friends, going out to eat whenever I wanted or even just go to work. I’m really excited to go back to work as well so I can get back on a schedule. There are plenty of reasons we all want the Pandemic to be over, however, it is extremely important to do your best to social distance, wear masks out for you, and other people’s safety. As well as washing your hands when you use the restroom or come home from places. The better we work together to social distance the sooner it could be over. 

We all probably hope to be able to go back to school in the fall to be able to see our friends. We also hope to be able to have a summer! Summer is definitely something we want to have, for beaches to reopen, movie theaters, and malls. Aiming for working together, doing your part, and staying home as much as possible we can get through this and see our pals.