Jacob Wagner, Sports Writer

As a young kid growing up fascinated by the craft of the sport of basketball, Michael Jordan always comes up while in conversations about who’s the best. As you are that kid who is hearing all of these great things about this basketball player that you never got to see play live you start looking up their highlights and information about them. For me, that was enough to become a huge Jordan fan. I never had to see him play live one time his highlights showed how dominant he was at the sport of basketball. This made me intrigued by his apparel especially his shoes. When I was younger I really just wanted to “be like Mike”. Seeing a player so above everyone else in a sport at that caliber made me so fascinated I just wanted to keep learning more. When I heard “The Last Dance”, a documentary on the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era, was coming out I couldn’t wait.

“The Last Dance” shows different aspects of the dominant Chicago Bulls. You learn a lot about Michael Jordan on and off the court. They show you how Michael’s teammates were helping out. But what I like the most is how well it describes how Michael fueled himself to play most of the game every game with his extreme competitiveness. Michael always just wanted to be the best and he worked for it every chance he could until he was the best. When he reached the best he wanted to be even better and to me that makes him a great role model. My favorite part about Michael is that he wouldn’t let his teammates slack off and get lazy either. The year the Bulls lost to the Pistons in the finals Michael was in the weight room with his teammates instead of going on vacations because he wanted the championship and he knew that his team needed to be stronger and faster to beat the Pistons. Michael knew the only way to get better than everyone else was to work when nobody else was and work harder when everyone else was. 

“The Last Dance” also touches on his other teammates. It talks about how Scotty Pippen was one of the best players in the NBA but 120 players were making more money than him. The documentary also talks about GM Jerry Krause. Jerry Krause was a very disliked guy by most of the Bulls in their final years as the dominant dynasty they were. Krause made moves for the team that nobody on the team liked. Krause got rid of coach Phil Jackson after he won the Bulls three championships back to back to back then a few years later doing it again but this time the third championship was his last season. Krause was also signing players to big deals while the second-best player on the Bulls, Pippen, was making the 6th highest salary on the bulls. Although that was all very interesting the most interesting part that wasn’t about Michael was about Dennis Rodman. Rodman was looked at by every team as a liability after doing some controversial things on his last team. Even though he was a liability the Bulls picked him up to be the great rebounder and defender that he was. They didn’t care about how he was on his other teams because they knew he would look up to Michael and they knew if any coach was the coach for him it was Phil Jackson.

The documentary also touches on the hate Michael received and how he treated his teammates. Michael was so competitive that at practice he would fight with his teammates because they messed something up and he knew if they wanted to be the best they just couldn’t mess up. It talked about Michael and his love for gambling. Michael was a huge gambler and most probably one of the greatest players in NBA history.