Madison’s Quarantine Perspective


Madison Soukovich, Feature Editor

My name is Madison Soukovich and I am currently a sophomore at New Castle Senior High School. I am fifteen years old and this is the first time given the situation, I am actually scared about the economy. I had the swine flu when it was a huge virus and I was in the hospital but I wasn’t afraid. I’m not afraid now about getting this virus because, in my opinion, I don’t want to be afraid and hide in my house until it’s “safe” to go outside. Ok besides the point, my life has changed so much and it’s horrible that I even miss school a little bit. I wake up every morning and run and eat my breakfast while I try and learn a hard chemistry lesson on youtube. My routine is gone down the drain during this pandemic. I fall asleep at 2 am some nights worrying about my grades because it is hard to learn without my teachers being there in person. I am running without motivation for my team and coaches, everything is just hard right now. Everyone needs to stay safe and be with their families and try and make the most of this.