Interview with New Castle Artist, Lil Creap


Sam Cwynar, Senior Editor of Operations


During this quarantine, I had the utmost pleasure to interview local New Castle rapper, Brady Cwynar, aka Lil Creap. Lil Creap debuted on the rap scene early 2019 where he dropped his infamous single, “Lickedy Lick”. Throughout 2019 he continued to release single after single ending 2019 on a high releasing his most popular song, “Brought Up”. Lil Creap has accumulated over 50,000 listeners worldwide spanning from multiple countries from Italy to Spain. Recently, Lil Creap dropped his debut album “Love is Blind”. Lil Creap also happens to be my brother.


Q: Would you consider your music controversial?

Creap: Yes, I feel music brings people of all backgrounds together. My goal is to end the divisiveness and polarization in our country through my art so people can decide how to live their lives in a positive manner.

Q: Who are your musical inspirations?

Creap: Post Malone and 6ix9ine. People could call Post Malone a culture vulture and people could call 6ix9ine a rat.. but unlike most people, I listened to both artists before they released their “hit” song to get them famous.

Q: What is your favorite song you ever made and why?

Creap: Lickedy Lick because it really became a song people could laugh at which actually gained the song more attention then I could have ever imagined it getting.

Q: What would be your advice to those who would aspire to make music?

Creap: Be yourself and if someone tries to drag you in the mud, make sure they end up face first in it.

Q: How has Covid-19 affected musicians like yourself?

Creap: Most people could look at this pandemic as more time to focus on music, however, it’s been the opposite for me. I have found myself being more distracted from writing music because I have to occupy myself to the capacity that I don’t feel alone during self-isolation or “quarantine” so I play video games and sleep during most of my days. Some artists use this pandemic to profit and I morally find that wrong and don’t support using these hard times for personal gain.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of 2020?

Creap: To try to release as much music as I like, rushing music is never good and I was a victim to that habit before. I just don’t want to release any music I don’t find like-able to my own ears

Q: Once the quarantine is over, do you plan on hitting the stage?

Creap: Summer 2021

Q: Is “Creap” a persona?

Creap: No, it’s a mentality. It is to keep chasing after your dreams despite anyone who tells you otherwise. If anyone hates on you, to make them irrelevant and focus on your dreams and your dreams only.

Q: How much money have you invested in your music?

Creap: No given amount but definitely over $1,000. What most people don’t understand is the amount of money that goes into music production. Such as purchasing beats, promotion features, etc. One song could cost someone a lot of money to make which makes it a gamble.

Q: Has your family supported your music career?

Creap: Yes and no,  my artistry may be considered controversial to them however, I appreciate their support. My aunt is actually the biggest supporter in my family. Again,  during this time of self-reflection due to the pandemic, I am speaking for everyone not just myself when making music to bring everyone together.